Snæsfellsnes Peninsula – Iceland Road Trip Day 1

Day one of my week in Iceland begins with a drive to the Snæsfellsnes Peninsula.

2015-05-29 02.14.19

We arrived on day one of our Icelandic adventure at 6 am at Keflavík airport, just outside of Reykjavík. Despite the red-eye flight, we were ready to explore Iceland so we picked up our 4×4 from Europcar with GPS and insurances and we were off.

With the imposing Snæsfellsjökull as the inland backdrop and a beautiful coast dotted with lava fields and coastal rock formations, the Snæsfellsnes Peninsula  was a perfect way to start our trip.  We had contemplated saving the peninsula for a future trip as we had plans to drive around the rest of Iceland in our week but we sure were glad we didn’t miss it! I think the pictures speak for themselves. It might have also been our single non-rainy day in Iceland.


We stopped in Arnarstapi along the way with its impressive statue of Bárður Snæfellsás by Ragnar Kjartansson and large cliffside seagull colonies. It was then off to our hostel at Osár for some much needed rest.


Next stop was Djúpalón to explore lava rocks and black sand beach. 


We then stood in awe at Kirkjufellsfoss. It was only day one and I was already blown away by the diverse landscape of this quiet country. We even got to share our amazement when we picked up to hitchhikers from France and Lithuania who were heading back to Grundarfjörður where they worked at the local hotel for the summer.


2015-05-29 15.02.55

One day in Iceland, and it already feels magical. Now it’s off to our hostel in Osár.

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